Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

Jan 31, 2020 Stories by Iloilo Code

Natural resource management offered a significant intervention among the beneficiaries considering that the project sites are coastal and island barangays and most of the beneficiaries rely on the sea for their livelihood and food.

After Haiyan, boats for fishing were destroyed and it immediately stopped fishing activities. The impact was immediately felt especially by small fisherfolks who rely on fishing for their livelihood and likewise by their families who depend on the daily catch from the sea for food and income for household expenses.

The project was able to carry out the following:

Natural Resource Management

Allowing them to fish and regain their livelihood activities was the first response especially by many donors yet rapid impact assessment undertaken with partners revealed that the destruction went beyond destroying boats – marine resources and marine protected areas that were established were destroyed by the storm surge. It resulted for fisherfolks to go further out to the sea to fish for there were nothing to catch nearby. It also demonstrates that recovery will take a longer period considering the level of destruction wrought by the storm to marine resources.

The science-based assessment shaped the intervention of Iloilo CODE-NGOs to focus on rehabilitation and revival of marine habitats by repairing marine protected areas and enhance community and municipal capacities in protecting its fishing grounds.

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